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About Me

Delivering Exceptional Service to Students

I'm Hema and the founder of Stanmore Tutor.

By profession, I am a qualified accountant  with years of experience in this field; training staff, preparing financial reports, meeting interesting clients from different walks of life as well as tutoring in accountancy.

My 11+ journey began years back with my children as I was struggling to get more information about the exams and find tutors who were motivated and made learning fun. As studies have always been an important aspect of my life, I felt that there was clearly a gap and felt compelled to transfer my tutoring skills to  11+ exam preparation and this was the start of my journey. This has been one of the best decisions I've made as it is a really rewarding profession imparting knowledge to the little minds and making a difference. 


I am an avid believer of holistic therapies and practise meditation on a daily basis especially, after having experienced a lot of anxiety and stress keeping up with deadlines. I was drawn towards mindfulness training after having researched the neuroscientific evidence on its benefits in helping to alleviate stress and anxiety felt by children these days and went on to qualify as a mindfulness teacher for primary schools. 

In April 2019, I felt it was time to implement changes and give my business a separate identity and Stanmore Tutor was born. I believe my personal style of tutoring in an interesting and practical manner equips children approach the 11+ exams with ease and confidence. Towards the summer holidays, students appearing for the exams engage in practising mindfulness techniques alongside the preparation for the academic exams.

At Stanmore Tutor we hold parent workshops, walkthrough mocks as well as group and 1-2-1 tutoring. Please call to discuss your tutoring requirements on 07470 035563.