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Combining Tutoring with Mindfulness

What We Do?

We offer comprehensive 11+ tutoring covering: North London grammar and independent schools.

Do call to discuss your needs or just to find out more about the 11plus. Our students secure places in good schools and scholarships in highly rated independent schools.

We have tutors to help your child with their onward secondary journey and university interviews too.

Our tutors offer supported learning for years six to eleven. 

Test Preparation

One-on-One Lessons

Group Lessons & Workshops


11plus - Top Tips For Success

  1. As with any examination, it's always important to follow certain discipline with study. 

  2. Early preparation leaves time for tackling difficulties and building a strong foundation.

  3. Use different 11+ materials to practice from e.g. Bond, CGP, Schofield & Simms, Letts and past papers from both grammar and independent schools. 

  4. Read lot of different books to enhance vocabulary. Learn at least twenty new words a week.

  5. Master the times tables at least up to the 12 times table.

  6. Practice, practice, practice! The importance of allocating some quality time cannot be ignored.

  7. CHECK your answers. Careless mistakes means lost marks.

  8. Do not hesitate to ask for help if something is not clear. 


Why Us?

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  • Student support online

  • Interactive remote learning

  • Parent support

  • Understand each child's individual learning style and needs

  • Termly assessments

  • Mindfulness training

  • Fun learning environment

  • Teaching excellence

  • Small focussed group sessions

What People Say


My daughter and I would like to say a massive   thank you for all the hard work you did with her!   She did really outstandingly well in her CATS test.




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